Sonia is a multi-disciplinary artist.

pixelated portrait

Her projects center around her evolving creative practice.

Sonia's career began in finance as an IT business analyst. She then worked at a strategy and management firm before independently consulting for non-profits and emerging technology companies. Her services throughout this span ranged—from business development and impact + brand strategy to user experience (UX) research + design fundamentals and mentoring.

She also participated in tech for social impact hackathons to better understand distributed ledger technology (DLT) and its impact on society. She has a similar learning interest in extended reality (XR).

While doing strategy and impact-focused work, Sonia simultaneously developed a creative practice—beginning with writing (poetry and fiction) and human-centered design. She has expanded her practice to explore contact improvisation, screenwriting, filmmaking, abstract art, and recording vocals.

Sonia founded Indigo Infinito, a creative × experimental studio, in 2023.