the mirrors we face


writer + creator


The Mirrors We Face is a five-part story that follows a protagonist, Kali, who is in pursuit of becoming an artist—which drives her to move to Neükolln, Berlin, away from her hometown, Brooklyn, New York. Her mother, Reina, still based in New York, longs for her daughter to return. After a traumatic breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Kali returns home. There, she confronts who she perceives to be her biggest obstacle blocking her from chasing her dream—Reina. As the story unfolds, however, she reveals buried family secrets kept in silence for decades. Reina and Kali experience a shift as they try to process their pain from these revelations. More tragedies occur, beginning with Reina's father/Kali's abuelo passing. As a result, they eventually travel to Reina's home country, El Salvador. When they return to New York, COVID-19 hits and causes them to quarantine together. The story ends with Kali's ascension into artistry while Reina retires in peace. Intertwined throughout the story are Kali's dreams.

Themes of this story include gender-based violence and its detrimental after-effects, mental health, Latine resiliency, family dynamics, unconditional love, the creative process, nature, spirituality, and the subconscious mind (dreams).

Originally intended to be written for theater, conversations about the project began in 2019. Sonia started putting pen to paper during the COVID-19 quarantine, evolving the story into a film.

Contact Sonia if you are interested in reading the screenplay.